Brussels, Belgium, 2011

For Komplot's fall / winter 2011 exhibition program, INFLUENCE, we designed a leaflet that is a merge between the city council's gazette and the flyer of the supermarket.

"INFLUENCE brings together five projects by Fabienne Audéoud, Chto Delat?, Sofie Haesaerts & Colombe Marcasiano, Kenneth Andrew Mroczek and Filip Van Dingenen in an exhibition developed by Komplot. Each of these artists considers aspects of the influence of being foreign in a place. The ideas behind the project are further explored in a five-part publication and a series of events."

Client : Komplot
Überknackig project - Influence - Celina El Bakkali

Celina El Bakkali, hair dresser and Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery promotional items collector, reading Influence in front of Filip Van Dingenen installation at Komplot.

Überknackig project - Influence - Cover
Überknackig project - Influence - Details
Überknackig project - Influence - Details
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