Brussels, Belgium, 2013

YEAR is the annual yearbook showcasing a subjective, abstract, moving scene. The third issue of YEAR is, again, an almanac, a programme, a diary and a lot of glam shit handsome gorgeous terrific “blah blah blah” gathering together more than 85 prospective and retrospective contributions. Theory, poetry and narration mingle with the visual in what unravels, page after page - a landscape full of details and perspectives. [...]

It’s not really necessary to number the pages, we think, as it’s just like having a map in each room of your apartment. Nor is it arranged in the order of the twelve months between May 2012 and April 2013, but rather around twelve sections named after Belgian discos. This dancing factory was generated through research led by the DSCTHK collective [...]

In this edition of YEAR, the seasons are introduced with musical notes by Jean-Yves Evrard, mirrored with images of scattered glasses by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez. Anthea Hamilton painted the sides of the pages: Each book is a piece of the puzzle of a pile of eighteen YEARs. (excerpt from the editorial)

Published by Komplot, Sonia Dermience, David Evrard & Alberto Garcia del Castillo
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Anthea Hamilton

With Apparent Ease, 2013, Anthea Hamilton
Painting on 1000 copies of YEAR 13 magazine.
Realisation After Howl & Grégoire Bergeret

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Anthea Hamilton & After Howl

YEAR 13 (special edition), Anthea Hamilton & After Howl
29 x 167 x 20 cm
concrete, pigment, acrylic paint, 18 YEAR 13
ed. 1/5

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Anthea Hamilton

YEAR 13 - cover picture, Fabrice Dermience
cake picture, David Evrard.
photo : Alberto Garcia del Castillo (on Azzedine Saleck rug)

(more pictures soon)

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Aline Bouvy & John Gillis
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Peter Sutherland
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Jill Gasparina
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Ellen Cantor - DSCTHK
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - John Russell
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Viktor Rosdahl
ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Azzedine Saleck

Azzedine Saleck

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Steinar Haga Kristensen

Steinar Haga Kristensen

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Patrick Bobilin

Patrick Bobilin

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Philippe Van Wolputte

Philippe Van Wolputte

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Charles Garcin

Charles Garcin

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Carl Palm

Carl Palm

ÜBERKNACKIG - YEAR 2013 - Sofie Kokaj

Sofie Kokaj

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